Water as FOOD

Water is so common to us, yet it is one of the most remarkable substances on our planet. It occurs in solid, liquid and gas form. Add to that a gel form as has not been known for so long. Water expands within a certain range as the temperature decreases. Water appears to work in our body like a battery that charges itself with light. But water also appears to be able to retain information just like a tape recorder.

Not a drop of water has been lost since the creation of our planet, it turns out to be an indestructible substance. But water pollutes easily.

When it comes to our health in relation to water, it is one of the most important substances as a condition for creating our health. It is therefore also called the cheapest medicine.

Our general knowledge of understanding that water is not the same everywhere could be a lot better. There are major differences between water from the tap, from a bottle, from a stream or river, rainwater or snow. Then you end up in the field of science as well as on the fringes of bioresonance and spirituality or religion, and they all rightly have their own place. But your dog or cat instinctively knows the difference, they usually prefer to drink from a puddle of rain. In agriculture, large swirling plants are used to energize the water to obtain higher yields.

In a free lecture of 90-105 minutes you will receive information about water and health. The lectures take place via Zoom, in a living room as well as in a public place. Not only the purity, but also the structure, energy, pH, conductivity, etc. of water are discussed.

We will also test your own preferred water. We look at which mineral water from a bottle is beneficial and which mineral water is not. We also look at the functions of existing equipment to purify and process water. You will also have the opportunity to try out for one week what water can do for your health and you will receive a fun and simple practical test every day.

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