(Half) marathon in 6 weeks

Is a complete or half marathon in 6 weeks responsable? Yes, it is and also with a scientific basis where your end time is also very accurately substantiated in advance! There are a few (albeit very accessible) conditions.

We work according to the Energy Control Method (ECM), which has been scientifically validated. We will use an exercise test to measure your VO2max or oxygen uptake per kg of body weight and compare it with your fastest 5 or 10 km in case the test results deviate significantly. A value of 40 ensures you are able to do everything in a sportive manner. You get 4 training sessions per week, with an average maximum training distance of 14 km. So with a busy job, this is also perfectly feasible as a project.

The basic idea is that your speed is determined by 2 factors, namely your talent and your weight. It's almost impossible to improve your talent through training. But if you can responsibly lose some weight, this will have a much greater influence on your final speed than if you only train hard.

That is why we leave the schedules for absolute top runners aside according to this principle, because they are finished after more than 2 hours and no one can run at the same intensity for 5 hours. The intensity must therefore be reduced, but with that you will also recover faster.

This approach works fine up to a minimum time of around 3 hours, below that we adjust the training schedule.

Costs for a rest and effort measurement, marathon schedule and some progress conversations €150.