I was born in 1964. I have an adult son and was married for a very long time. The current place where I live is move number 23 in my life. I have lived and lived in 6 countries for short and long periods, which means that I speak and write 5 languages well to fluently. By the way, I also converted a shack in the French Alps into a castle for 5 years, so I could have participated in the TV program 'Ik Vertrek'!

I briefly studied physics at the UvA and then was a piano and music teacher and professional musician for 30 years. But hey, the market changes right? Fortunately, I enjoy teaching and making a positive - and even more beautiful lasting - contribution to someone's life and that is also possible in other disciplines! I see the teacher-pupil relationship as completely equal, I am also constantly learning. But I do miss being able to guide someone for 10 years and really have an impact on their life.

Fortunately, I was also able to use the same inspiration and energy in music with running. I became an ultrarunner in 2009 and in 2020 I ran my first 500km in one go in the Ardennes in the winter. I'm lucky with a physically strong body so far, but I'll continue to maintain it. The photo on the left was taken in 2019 during 'The Race Across Scotland' of 360km at once.

In my lessons I like to find a working tailor-made solution. I do use a large 'toolbox', including my music experience, ChiRunning, Mind5 method, Oxygen Advantage, the Energy Control Method and my extensive ultra-running experience. But I've also been involved in all sorts of quite out of hand DIY projects, with scientific knowledge, but also the completely opposite side, the esotericism. With the right tools, you can make a variety of beautiful things and also very different combinations. You learn to think in terms of similarities instead of opposites.

With my ultrarun experience I was able to take people in their own environment to places in a way that really surprised them. They started to think or look at the same things in a different way. I have prepared several groups and taken them with a group run to eventually run 70 km in a day. That they could actually do that often left a deep impression and that touched me of course!

I experienced my childhood as a Catholic South Limburg as stifling, with priests and sisters and an environment that mainly expected you to adhere to the applicable standards. I tried that, but it never worked. It took me 40-50 years to break free from that. Among other things, I found out why I always chose the wrong partner for me in various failed relationships. How not to do it has always been a strong motivation for me to help other people and save a lot of wasted time. In these competition stories you will learn more about me as a person.

I am mainly active on the axis between Cologne and Brussels for coaching and running guidance, but I also move to other locations. I can provide my lessons and coaching in Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.